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ShoulderMaster Announces Partnership with James River Equipment

James River Equipment and ShoulderMaster Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Road Construction Offerings James River Equipment and ShoulderMaster have announced a new partnership to enhance their offerings in the road construction industry. With 44 locations across Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia, James River Equipment is one of the USA’s largest John Deere dealerships and a key strategic partner for ShoulderMaster USA distribution growth.

The history of James River Equipment dates back to 1926 when Rudolph Romer, great-grandfather of current president Mark Romer, opened a John Deere dealership in Holly, Colorado. Despite the challenges of the Great Depression, the dealership prospered due to its commitment to customers. This foundation of offering quality products and exceptional customer service was expanded eastward in 1977 when the Romer family purchased a dealership in Virginia, creating James River Equipment.

ShoulderMaster has established a solid reputation for promoting sustainability by reducing the need for raw materials, optimizing operator efficiency, and achieving notable fuel savings across its product line. Coupled with enhanced operator safety practices and minimized road user disruptions, ShoulderMaster is swiftly becoming the new industry benchmark. This collaboration is set to benefit customers by combining James River Equipment’s extensive distribution network and customer service expertise with ShoulderMaster’s cutting-edge machinery, known for improving road safety and construction efficiency. This move is part of ShoulderMaster’s strategic growth in the U.S. market, aligning with their commitment to industry-leading innovation with highly respected distribution partners.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with James River Equipment, a company known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and industry-leading equipment solutions," said Craig Pinson, Managing Director of ShoulderMaster. "Together, we will provide customers with access to the latest innovations in equipment attachments, helping them achieve greater success in their operations."

John Grantier, Vice President of Sales at James River Equipment, added, “We are focused on offering products that aid in helping our customers grow their business profitably. We believe the ShoulderMaster products fit perfectly with our John Deere Compact Construction Equipment customers and our roadbuilding customers throughout Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.”

For more information, visit James River Equipment ( and ShoulderMaster (

Contact: Ashleigh Pinson - ShoulderMaster - Head of Brand & Partnerships

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