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The ShoulderMaster Sweeper Broom is a tough, reliable, and easy to use open face broom, built by the industry for the industry.


The ShoulderMaster brooms have been designed and built with the input from operators, maintenance workers and our manufacturing team to produce a strong and durable sweeper to withstand the harsh environment of the industry.  

Bucket Broom
ShoulderMaster TB1800


Bucket Broom
ShoulderMaster TB2100


Angle Broom
ShoulderMaster ASB2400


TB1800 Gallery

TB2100 Gallery

ASB2400 Gallery

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Shoulder Paver
ShoulderMaster SM1500

ShoulderMaster USA Paver at Work Widening Road

Shoulder Paver
ShoulderMaster SM2100

ShoulderMaster USA Paver for road widening

Spreader Trailer
ShoulderMaster SP1000

ShoulderMaster USA SP1000 Spreader Trailer

ShoulderMaster WT2500

ShoulderMaster USA Watercart WT2500
ShoulderMaster USA Sweeper TB2100
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